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TP040 tube to tube sheet weld head

Short Description:

TP series Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head adopts TIG welding process for tube to tube sheet welding for boiler or heat exchanger. TP040 is designed for flush joint welding without wire filler, AKA fusion welding. In most cases, it’s used to weld stainless steel, sometimes titanium alloy with tube OD from φ16mm to φ38mm. TP040 is equipped with a glass cover to protect the welding area from oxidation, thus easily achieve an excellent weld formation color. Its centering expander can be customized according to the customer’s actual workpiece condition. It’s compatible with iOrbital4000 and iOrbital5000 powersource, meanwhile widely used in the chemical industry, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, heat exchanger, power plant, military, and nuclear power industry.

  • Widely used in power plant/condensor stainless steel/titanium alloy tube to tube sheet welding;
  • No wire filler, function, small, light and handy;
  • Expandable collet precision positioning;
  • Closed chamber for welding area, perfect welding quality;
  • Enhanced water cooling system, high duty cycle for long-time using

Product Detail

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Technical Specs


iOrbital4000 / iOrbital5000

Tube OD (mm)

φ 16 – φ 38


Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Titanium alloy

Joint type


Duty cycle

100A 60%

Tungsten (mm)

Φ 2.4

Rotation Speed

0.6 – 12

Torch angle

7°(φ16 – φ28)

0°(φ25 – φ38)



Weight (kg)

3.65 kg

Cable length (m)


Dimension (mm)

310 x 80 x 165

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