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TOA77 open type weld head

Short Description:

TOA77 is one model of TOA series Open Type Weld Heads. It covers a pipe OD range from 19.05mm – 77mm. The Open Type welding heads were conceived as a tool for orbital TIG welding with or without filler wire. TOA series weld heads have AVC/OSC function and are often used on thick-wall (3mm – 16mm) pipe to pipe/elbow/flange welding. The diameter of the tubes to be welded covers a range from 19.05 mm up to 324 mm (ANSI 3/4″ to 12 3/4″).

  • Precision, stable and durable rotation;
  • Easy to clamp on pipe with high concentric locking;
  • Motorized AVC & OSC function;
  • Accurate wire feeding control;
  • Welding specialist for thick wall pipe welding;
  • Liquid cooling circuit;

Product Detail

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TOA Open weld heads are conceived as a tool for orbital TIG welding with or without filler wire. The diameters of the tubes to be welded cover a range from 19.05 mm up to 324 mm (ANSI 3/4" to 12 3/4"). Open type weld heads are equipped with a TIG-torch with gas diffuser. Sufficient gas protection is achieved only at a zone around the torch which is covered by the shielding gas streaming out of the gas lens. During the welding process, the arc can be watched and controlled directly by the operator.

TOA pipe to pipe weld head is form of caliper design, it is very easy to clamp on pipe, and also easy to adjust for different diameter. The caliper is faying pipe surface to ensure concentricity between pipe to welding heads in welding. TOA weld head has AVC and OSC functions to suit heavy wall CS, SS and other material, they realize multi-pass and multi-level welding procedure. Wire feeder of TOA welding head is also with loop control design to precise control wire feeding speed, wire feeding no twist design to get stable wire feeding to get a good shape after welding. TOA welding head could be used under fusion or wire feeding, it is widely to be used in pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting. Plus, Liquid cooling ensures long-time continuous working

Technical Specs



Tube OD (mm)

φ 19.05 – φ 77


Carbon steel / Stainless steel

Duty cycle

300A 65%

Tungsten (mm)

Φ 3.2 standard

Wire (mm)

Φ 1.0

Rotation Speed (rpm)

0.19 – 3.8

OSC stroke (mm)


AVC stroke (mm)


Max. wire speed

1800 mm/min



Shielding Gas


Weight (kg)

5.5 kg

Cable length (m)


Dimension (mm)

370 x 220 x 320

 TOA77 open type weld head

A: 220  B:180  C:112 – 132  D:92  E:82  F:320

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