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TC156 enclosed weld head

Short Description:

TC156 is orbital TIG weld head for autogenous tube welding. The suitable tube OD range covers from φ50.8mm to φ152.4mm. This weld head is of high efficiency and high weld quality with water cooling for rotation gear system and collet. Collets can be customized according to customer’s actual work piece condition.

  • Water cooling
  • ​Mechanical Homing Function
  • Specialized for φ50.8mm – φ152.4mm tube to tube welding
  • Suitable for thin thickness (≤3mm) tube welding
  • Robust designed for small tube welding with no space limit
  • Standard and customized collet, long life and durable using
  • Autogenous welding without wire filler
  • Control button on weld head handle, convenient for on-site job.

Product Detail

Product Tags

These series are closed chamber orbital TIG welding heads without wire feeding designed for tube to tube butt joint welding. To create a relatively closed space from the ambient atmosphere by setting up mechanical components or auxiliary materials, inflate shielding gas (mostly argon) into closed space to evacuate active gases such as oxygen, thus provide the welding process an excellent condition with a minimum amount of active gas. This is one high efficiency and high-quality welding head with water cooling for welding head & collect and special made collects according to customers' requirements which could ensure accurate positioning with no spot welding. TC weld heads are generally used with TubeMaster200A Orbital Welding Powersource to form a complete TIG tube/tube orbital welding system with a highly repeatable and good welding effect. The common application is widely used in electronic, pharmaceutical machinery, semi-conductor industry, pipeline installation, water treatment machinery, military and nuclear, etc.

Orbital closed chamber welding is an autogenous welding process with a closed chamber designed welding head, primarily used in high-quality requirement welding processes, such as stainless steel and titanium alloy. The essential characteristic of successful orbital welding is the necessity to control the puddle of molten metal during the whole welding cycle, taking into account the continuously changing situation in the process.

There is a set of 10m cables that connects the welding head and the electrical wire, water, and gas of the power source and is covered with a solid anti-pressure sleeve. The cables could be extended according to customer requirements.

Technical Specs


TM200 / iOrbital4000 / iOrbital5000

Tube OD (mm)

φ 50.8 – φ 152.4


Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Titanium alloy

Duty cycle

100A 60%

Tungsten (mm)

Φ 2.4

Rotation Speed

0.06 – 12



Weight (kg)

10.5 kg

Cable length (m)


Dimension (mm)

630 x 330 x 61

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