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T8 tube to tube sheet weld head

Short Description:

T8 is similar to TP060, while it’s specially designed for small tube (OD φ8mm – φ32mm) to tube sheet welding jobs, plus it’ also dedicated for recessive joint (up to 6mm recessive length) welding. Same as TP060, wire feeding and AVC functions are also available on T8 weld head.
Only one type of holding weld head is available: a TPF03 manipulator because T8 weld head can only use positioning locator, pneumatic expander cannot fit T8.

  • φ​8mm – φ32mm tube OD range;
  • Recessive joint specialist;
  • Wire feeding function can fulfill most welding requirement;
  • AVC function is available, reduce the operating difficulty;
  • Standard Liquid-cooling TIG torch, easy to replace torch parts;
  • Control buttons on weld head handle, convenient to operate;
  • Enhanced water cooling system, high duty cycle for long-time using;
  • Optional trailing shielding gas cover, available for special material welding such as Titanium alloy.

Product Detail

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This weld head is a special designed TIG welding head for tube/tube-sheet which is used for carbon steel and stainless steel. Application in boiler, heat exchanger, electric power construction, chemical industrial etc. It is used for extension tube, flush tube and retraction tube connection. Outer diameter range is φ6~φ32mm. According to the welding technic, can use self-fusion, welding with wire or add wire after self-fusion, the operation is very easy.

T8 weld head is compatible with iOrbital4000 and iOrbital5000 welding power sources, and they together can form a complete tube/tube-sheet automatic welding system which realize tube/tube-sheet orbital TIG welding and guarantee an excellent welding effect. The application industry are chemical industry, food and beverage, pharmaceutical machinery, boiler and heat exchanger, power plant, military and nuclear industry and etc.

Technical Specs


iOrbital4000 / iOrbital5000

Tube OD (mm)

φ 8 – φ 32


Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Titanium alloy

Joint type

Protruding / Flushed / Recessive (-1mm max.)

Duty cycle

300A 60%

Tungsten (mm)

Φ 2.4

Rotation Speed

0.37 – 7.39

Torch angle

-10° - 30° adjustable

AVC stroke (mm)


Max. wire speed

1800 mm/min



Coolant flow

≥300 ml/min

Weight (kg)

11 kg

Cable length (m)


Dimension (mm)

477 x 363 x 365

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