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Hydraulic tube welding station GTX53

Short Description:

GTX53 welding system is specially designed for hydraulic tube to flange/tube TIG welding with wire feeding function. The torch angle can be adjusted from flat to vertical position to fulfill multi-position welding. The tube OD range covers from φ17mm – φ76mm. It also has wire feeding and AVC/OSC function, mostly used in hydraulic pipe welding of construction machinery. The welding powersource for GTX53 system is iOrbital5000C, which is the upgraded version of regular iOrbital5000. The GTX53 welding system is applicable for special tube to tube or tube to flange welding in the locomotive industry, construction machinery and other industry.

  • Imported DC Motor. All water, electricity, gas hose and cables are well organized;
  • Pneumatic clamping design to ensure work-piece are firmly positioned on the platform;
  • Accurate wire feeding control;
  • Water-Cooled TIG welding torch is applied and the adopt with easy operate tungsten clamp device which make replacement of tungsten convenient;
  • Clamping unit can be manually adjusted vertically and horizontally

Product Detail

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This welding system is Suitable for automated welding of pipe flanges in the construction machinery and locomotive industries. It adopts the standard structure of the water-cooled TIG weld torch: the tungsten electrode clamp is tightened from the back to the front to achieve the purpose of clamping the tungsten electrode, and it is convenient and quick to replace or adjust the tungsten electrode. The drive adopts imported DC motor, stepless speed regulation within the speed range. All water, electricity, gas pipes and wires can make one-direction rotating without entangling. According to the needs of the welding process, you can choose to use fusion welding, wire-filling or fusion first and then wire-filling, etc., which is convenient, fast and labor-saving. It’s integrated with un-entangling wire feeder, which can install 1.0kg wire spool.

Technical Specs



Tube OD (mm)

φ 17 – φ76


Carbon steel / Stainless steel

Duty cycle

300A 75%

Torch angle

0°- 45°adjustable

Tungsten (mm)

Φ 3.2 standard

Wire Filler (mm)

Φ 1.0

OSC stroke (mm)


AVC stroke (mm)


Coolant flow (ml/min)


Max. wire speed

1800 mm/min



Weight (kg)


Dimension (mm)

700 x 640 x 1760

Shielding Gas


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