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R&D and Manufacturing

Made in China 2025
International Standard

National scientific research projects , numerous patents and copyrights

Over the years, HUAHENG has undertaken and completed more than 16 robotics and intelligent equipment topics and projects, including the National 863 Program, the National Torch Program, the National Key New Product Program, and the National Major Science and Technology Project. As the National Intellectual Property Advantage Demonstration Enterprise, the company has 240 authorized patents in China (including 106 inventions, 123 utility models, and 1 PCT patent) and 142 software copyrights.

Manufacturing Capacity

Our production technology is advanced, and the production equipment is complete. It can complete large-scale structural parts welding, large-scale structural parts processing, automatic painting, precision parts processing, power supply and control cabinet production, system integration debugging and other operations. The company currently has 268 authorized patents and 156 software copyrights in terms of technology research and innovation. We are currently advancing in the direction of digital production lines, unmanned.

The company currently has more than 90,000m2 of manufacturing workshops.

With more than 30 sets of large-scale CNC machining machines.

More than 10 sets of robotic welding production systems.

More than 100 sets of all kinds of machining equipment in general.

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